Splice Sounds Ultramajic Sounds Vol.2 WAV

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Since its inception in 2013, Ultramajic has been known as a tastemaking and culturally impactful home for innovative electronic musicians. Headed by standout artists Jimmy Edgar, Travis Stewart, and Pilar Zeta, Ultramajic’s visual and aural identity is unmistakable.

The imprint reached a milestone this summer with their first collective Splice pack, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer their second iteration. Ultramajic artists are known for marrying incredible sound design with complex rhythms and transgressive harmonic content, and this pack is a microcosm of that beautiful union. These samples have been lovingly sculpted using classic tools of the trade including modular synths, the DX7, the Minimoog, and the H3000, then refined using top end outboard equipment including Neve preamps, vintage Lexicon reverb, and API eq/compression.